Saturday, June 06, 2009


Here's the online version of my trip to Kanha, published in OUTLOOK TRAVELLER's June 2009 issue. Please note, the opening photograph is of a tiger, not a "tigress", as captioned.


Paul said...

Who's the kid in the jeep?
(All innovas are airconditioned!)

Marginalien said...

Paul, that's the owner's elder child. He's sandwiched between his father and me -- oddly enough I didn't recognize myself until someone said, "-- look, you're in this shot!" I guess I'm not used to seeing myself in a hat and from behind.

Didn't know that about Innovas (Innovae?) -- but even if I'd known, I'd have mentioned the air-conditioning, since prospective visitors would need to know that they'd be making the 5 hour journey in a large, comfortable and airconditioned vehicle.