Friday, October 10, 2014


Finally! A new post. Yes, it's been a very long time. I've been all over the place, but I've also been back here in the US since the end of July.

I won't even try to recap several months' worth of activities. But there are two items I'd like to share right away. One is related to the above image. It relates to a column that's been appearing in the Saturday edition of Business Line (part of The Hindu newspaper network). I've been meaning to post this list of links FOREVER but … well … Anyway. Here they are now.

The column is a slightly fictional version of my life here. When I say "slightly" I mean that all the names are different, including places, people and the occasional animal; the events are mostly true but not all of them; and the sequence of events is not necessarily as presented.

So that's the first item. The second item is what will appear in the NEXT post, (i.e., it'll appear above this one, once I've finished posting), which is my first ever on-line web-site for displaying and selling my art-work. It's taken me a full month just to get around to posting the link! I've been working on the site for about eight weeks now. I can't explain why it's taken so long, because the web-site, FOLIO-TWIST is very well designed and easy to use. More about this when I get around to posting that link 

Meanwhile, here are links to 12 columns: