Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch this space ...

Well. Yes. It's been a while ...

So I thought I'd come back to life (not that I've been dead! Just bizzy*) with a surprise -- I mean, it's a surprise to me too -- change of lay-out. I just happened to discover Google's Blogger re-vamp earlier today. I don't know if it's just confusing or rather cool. But anyway. As a way of making a fresh start ... I thought, WHY NOT?

So here we are. For today.

MOON SOAP. For late-night showers.
(*I've been living in downtown Newport, Rhode Island, in a tiny apartment, since 1st May this year. There's a Dunkin Donuts on my doorstep. So far it's been a good year: another picture book for Tulika -- it's just been published but isn't on the market yet, so I haven't gotten around to posting about it; an odd new art form that is probably only amusing for me; an enthusiasm connected to an internet site which I'll post about here eventually; the project-in-hand, which I don't want to name directly except to say it may be a sequel to my last novel; a new niecelet -- in Boston, this time; and an encounter with nature in the form of Hurricane Irene. And LOTS of movies becoz I signed up for Netflix. Yes, of course, just as the company goes down the tubes. This is typical of me so I didn't even bother being surprised/depressed).