Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Book! New BlogPost! New Title Pic!

... and also, NEW YORK. Coz that's where I am. I got here on Friday, early morning and gave the Weather Gods their chance to rain down upon the city at the PRECISE MOMENT that I was approaching my friend's address in Manhattan. The reason I know for sure that it was not any random shower is that the rain, which had been threatening to fall since the time my flight landed at 5 a.m. Newark (YES! The very airport at which a Certain Bollywood SuperNovaStar suffered an encounter with the authorities!), began to pour out in buckets two hours later within yards of my destination ...

Okay. Aside from this, all is well and I will soon start blogging my events here. But till then, here's a link to the NEW BOOK, i.e., the one I was working on all through the early months of this year,