Monday, June 08, 2009

Ms Malcontent Sez ... #8



Anonymous said...

ms. mp - right on! dance 4 this and dance 4 th@..... heh last weekend i went to a street fair.... etc..... came across a real "moving" experience..... was playing with the singing bowls (have even bought 1 2 practise with).... but the guy there made me close my eyes and brought a fairly large tibetian bowl and made it hum about 1 about 2 inches away from my body - and then as he made the bowl vibr8 - i could literally feel parts of my stomach, chest, neck start to twitch (dance?). was most peculiar. ever been there done that? i am beginning to experiment with this involuntary form of dancing now. thoughts? ideas? gt

Paul said...

Sounds a bit like 'art for art's sake'.

Marginalien said...

Sounds like an exceptional bowl ... or ummm do I mean BOWEL??? Arfarf. Couldn't resist.

But no, I've not seen anything like that. It sounds similar to two other phenomena: ONE, a "dancing water" performance produced in what sounds like a similar way, by stroking the rim of a large bronze (or maybe any metal, I don't know) bowl. The water begins to fizz and prickle with dozens of little vertical waves. I saw this in China -- and when the friend I was with attempted to duplicate the performance, he got only the tiniest little ripple.

And TWO is something that American alligators do as a courtship ritual (I've only seen this on TV not having had the pleasure of getting intimate with any ten foot reptiles). They lie low in the water and send out low frequency vibrations which cause the water over their necks to fizz and pop in EXACTLY the same way. I don't know whether this behavior has been observed amongst other crocodilians or only Am Als. Must go check out your link. So your internal organs were apparently responding to low frequency vibes ... you never know what the long term effects might be!! In case you grow an extra set of teeth or get rid of that diabetes you didn't even know you had, DO tell us here at my blog!

Anonymous said...

apparently "standing waves" are created and thats what gives the hum. its v similar to a bell - except u gotta keep gonging the bell to keep it singing, whereas here you rub it around its cicumference). its very cool - and i have started to get deeply into it - much to my family's allowance...... but i love it! i spoke to a doctor friend and he suspects th@ wh@s twitching are my muscles in some of the mentioned regions - since thats what muscles are supposed to do. i missed the cacophonous/euphonous drama yesterday of subjecting my system to several frequencies courtesy a little indulgence i allowed myself prior to the meeting - th@ resulted in my head humming & 2 hell with the bells. ithinkucanguesswh@idid. 1dorously enough, & entirely accidental, i even have started a project that uses microwaves to move molecules - that can have startling implications in diagnostic testing etc. will in4m more cogently l8r. lastly, yes i have seen in germany, a performance whereby some gal filled up a whole bunch of wine glasses with different amounts of water and started to rub her finger on the crystal's rims and could produce very many notes often corresponding to the harmonic scale. gt

Abhimanyu k Singh said...

if i can't dance, it's not my revolution!

Anonymous said...

th@s right abhimanyu - sing ...& dance (*sorry couldnt resist) gt