Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ms Malcontent Sez ... #16



Scherezade said...

Welcome the Deleuze of rah-rahing coming your way from a whole lot of filofoshie.

Marginalien said...

Heehee! I liked that -- "Deleuze"!

Scherezade said...


Scherezade said...

I have linked to this in all my giddy fangirl fervor.
Could I post one of them at my blog linking it to yours?

Scherezade said...

Here are some more:

What happened to the pragmatic pig?
He became Francis Bacon.

What did the empiricist comic say to the king’s guards?
Don’t Locke me up just because I am Hume-rous!

What makes a deconstructionist mad?
Being Derrida-ed

What did the existentialist judge ask the murderer?
Tum itne Nietzsche kyun gir gay? (Hopefully, my hindi is better than my grades!)

Marginalien said...

... and bi-lingual ones too! Kewl!

As you can see, you caught me in the act of posting today's crop (I musta been in mid-post when you left your last comment). And I see that we have both got DERRIERE... uhh ... make that DERRIDA on our minds! And very likely you and/or other riddlers who happen to stray this way will have similar, better or simply alternative riddles to the ones I think up. So here's what I'll do: if ever I use someone else's line, I'll acknowledge credit just outside the frame of the 'toon.

Marginalien said...

Hi again Scherezade -- for some reason your request to link didn't show up as e-mail, so I didn't see it till just this minute. Sure, yes, you can post one of the riddles over at your blog and link it back here.

Abhimanyu k Singh said...

love the bit abt derrida. schopen hauer is still to be featured!