Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ms Malcontent Sez ... #12

Thunder0 2
Thunder0 3
Thunder0 4


Marginalien said...

[Posted on behalf of a friend, Beate -- or BIATTI, which is my friendly mis-spelling of her name! -- whose system doesn't permit her to post comments!)

Oh yes, Ms Malcontent is like me, and luckily she can CHOMPPPP it all!

))) just post all my comments with the comment that I requested you to do so! -- somehow the system does not like me and i hv to log in and do things which go beyond my limits...

Paul said...

Blasphemer!!! Tell'em to bury a fire engine with your corpse to fight those sulfurous fumes..!!! Or bribe me and I'll put a word on your behalf by the time you reach there.

Marginalien said...

*grin* Eight years in convent schools gave me immunity as well as deep familiarity with such natural phenomena as ... uhh ... thunder. But of course, I will gratefully accept all and any offers of help in the hereafter! I don't doubt that I'll need it ...

Paul said...

I vaguely remember a quote from one of those post-modernists, if I'm not mistaken:

"When God created Calcutta, he shat. When he created New York, he shat concrete."