Friday, June 19, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I've moved this announcement down here because it looked sort of misplaced between the two sets of Philosopher Riddles(and there WILL be more).

I never got around to posting a permanent link here to
ESCAPE, my most recent novel. This is more than a bit odd, but I was sort of hoping it would post itself. Ah well. It didn't. Anyone wishing to buy the book (I know there are millions of you out there ...) can link from this post or from the list of books along the right-hand margin of the screen. Of course, it can only be bought in Rupees and in India. The hordes of potential foreign buyers will either (a) have to wait for it to become available on Amazon or (b) have to besiege my publisher, Picador India with piteously worded e-mails at That will not result in them selling a book to you, BUT on the other hand, it will help them to think well of me! A good thing, at all times.

When asked for a one-line description of the book, here's what I wrote: "ESCAPE" is a dystopian adventure set in a country where all women except one little girl have been eliminated.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha! singh has his hash & starts 2 sing! :-) gt