Tuesday, January 01, 2013


02: For the whole of this year, I'd like to eat more consciously. It's no longer about losing weight or how I look but just about being more thoughtful about what I eat. For instance, I plan to keep one favourite food item off my plate for a month at a time. This month, it's going to be bread. Why? Because I eat bread like an addict -- it's not about taste or flavour or texture, it's just about shoveling processed wheat-grain down my gullet.

Now maybe this is just the way I am. If so, then a month of abstinence will mean a pleasurable wallow when I dive back into the bread bin. Or maybe, who knows, I will get to the end of the month and not feel I missed anything. Either way, it's a journey of Discovery! All from the confines of my own dining table.


Here are links to two articles I enjoyed today:




The first is about an American woman who decided one day to walk for peace, carrying nothing but the clothes on her back and "— a pen, a comb, a toothbrush and a map. That's it. " Her name was Mildred Norman and I first heard about her many years ago, from a newspaper cutting a guest who came for dinner left in the house. I always wanted to know more about this oddly interesting story and here it was, at NPR's website.

The second is the fascinating story of Apollo Robbins, a pickpocket who appears to be supernaturally skilled. He steals for entertainment, not as livelihood. From the New Yorker.

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