Tuesday, January 08, 2013


08. So ... here are the results of yesterday's and today's efforts -- two failed cranes and one semi-failed -- plus today's model, the BLOW UP BUNNY.

The semi-failed crane came SO close to being successful! But I was impatient. The front leg was perfect while the back leg just refused to fold back on itself in the right way. The real challenge was not the leg at all, but an earlier phase in the folding involving a five-way "sink fold". This is what caused the previous models to collapse in a mess of crumpled paper (there's one more, not featured here, that I simply had to throw away). So when I was finally able to get past that point and arrive at the leg-formation, I should have taken a break. I've noticed that it actually helps to think about the forms and the folds as they turn into recognizable shapes and to take breaks. The reason I could get past the sink-fold phase this morning, for instance, was that I'd had time to visualize what needed to be done after having messed up three squares of paper yesterday.

The choice of paper is important too: it's got to be crisp enough to crease accurately, but thin enough that the paper doesn't bunch solid as the layers increase. Origami paper is always the best, but the sheets I have with me are for very small models, whereas this crane does demand more paper (for novice-folders anyway). The semi-failed crane was made with wrapping paper from the Giftwrap For Artists series.

I plan to continue to work on the crane until I can produce a properly flapping model! But after that struggle, it was a great relief to make the simple little bunny.

My resolution for today is: to do one task around the house -- such as dusting my room -- that I really DON'T want to do. It doesn't have to be a big task, it doesn't have to take very long, so long as I do it. Today's is going to be clearing up my desk!!

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