Tuesday, January 15, 2013


... FINALLY ... managed to upload a photograph from my iPad to this blog, via the Acer laptop kindly lent to me by my niece. I am sure there's a simpler and less round-about way to do upload to the blog, but I'm not in the mood for figuring it out just this minute. I find that it can take a couple of hours to do something the round-about way and I know that the quick way really would be a great deal quicker -- except that it can sometimes take a couple of hours to learn that quicker way! So nowadays I refuse to bother learning something new on the computer unless the learning process is itself exceptionally basic.

I'm in Madras at the moment. E & I arrived on Sunday and I feel like we've entered an alternative Universe -- it's a nice one -- but also really very different to my regular life. The main difference is that here, in my Mother's house, I become a tiny little girl of around 10 years of age, who must be asked whether or not I've had my bath or scolded for not wishing to eat fish at lunchtime!! Fortunately, at the moment, E is with me, which means that all attention is focused on him. The cook is thrilled that he enjoys eating fried fish, because it means that she's entitled to cook stacks of fish for herself and the other "staff" (my Mother has four ladies to help keep her household in running order) as a result! But he'll leave in a couple of days and I'll be back in the familiar dog-house. 

I have been taking photographs with my camera but I'll wait till I'm back in Delhi to upload them, because I prefer to edit them on my MacBook.

I've been making origami lillies to give away and have just seen a great link to a whole zoo of origami animals ... No doubt a couple of them will find their way online just as soon as I find a good source of the Right Kind Of Paper. The hunt is on!

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