Sunday, January 06, 2013


06: And that's my origami item for today, the Flapping Duck. Only a still photograph I'm afraid, because the truth is, my model refused to flap. I don't know why. Actually, I made a previous version of the same duck yesternight, and though it was a mess in several ways (the beak, the tail), it DID flap its wings very nicely. This one, in spite of its precisely folded tail, just won't flap. I will have to fold yet another one ... but not tonight, Josephine. I'm well aware that for the past two days, I've been posting my resolutions rather late in the day. If I'm to catch up then I'm going to have to confine my origami activities to one model a day, as resolved.

So TODAY's resolution is to write for TWO HOURS every day. If any of my publishers is reading this (heheh, I KNOW one of them will be ...) he/she will sigh with relief, because I won't include e-mail and posting to my blog in the two-hour minimum. I mean, two hours of work. I've already done one hour today, so there's only one to go. Right after the blog.

About keeping up with the resolutions so far, I'm not doing too badly: I've stayed away from the Web for the first two hours of every day; have posted to this blog; made new resolution; made a daily origami item; and not eaten any bread since the night of the 31st. Tonight, I have two more glasses of water to drink to complete my quota. So, not bad. Not especially great either because of course I chose easy resolutions! We'll see how long I can keep up.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a SALON article/interview about sexual violence against women with special reference to the recent brutal gang-rape in New Delhi, resulting in the death of the victim.


marginalien said...

(- since your blogger-Mail has a no-reply-blogger-adress, i send this through normal email as well... - )

My dear Manjula ,
great are your resolution-resolutions!!!! I am sure that not few of your readers will copy ONE oder TWO.

Like me - the water - 8 big cups - I do mostly, but now put a orange plastik mug (1/4 ltr) in front of the Entrance-mirror where it sees me all day, with a waterbottle beside. And everytime I empty it, I refill it immediately, and this hinders me to let it stay too longtime. Well, this is the privilege of those who stay at home most of the time

More difficult are - you will not believe it - the 2 hrs off-web in the morning - I even did not know I was so addicted!
ON it is to me like greeting all friends, and now I am moving around incignito???

Other resolutions I do not consider, too heavy to perform, like no bread (no-go for Germans) or being creative 2 hrs per day (super you can!!!!) and NO, surely surely surely and no ways I will fold origamis!

I am curious how you will fill the 25 coming days ... I would come up with a resolution that too many resolutions are unhealthy and now it is enough. My free will ist not very much tied to chores...

Lots of love from Biatti

PS since your blog does not like my comments (and I do not like to sign in or leave my details) and if you like to have the comment-page filled in, you may copy this email into it. I checked but until now it is empty, and why? Do all get scary because they are not so strongminded as you are?

marginalien said...

Biatti! Thank you for your comment. I am very amused to see that I'm setting an example for YOU! Because you are much better organized than I am.

Anyway! Yes, I too am wondering how many more resolutions I can put on my plate. It's one thing to make resolutions and another thing to follow them all within the same 24 hour period! But still. I am having fun, so I'll persevere.

It's true about the 2-hours-awake-without-internet -- VERY DIFFICULT! But I have succeeded so far. Mainly because of the origami. Then, because I'm not answering e-mail, I can think about all the other things I should be doing early in the morning (well, not SO early: around 8 o'clock).

You ask why there aren't any other comments? Ah well! In the first place, I don't think there are many visitors. In the second place, just like you, I think many people find it annoying to sign-in and remember passwords etc.

I believe one option is to use the "Anonymous" ID, then sign your name (or nickname, like Biatti! Which only I will know) at the end of the comment. Another possible reason is that I monitor comments -- meaning, they don't get posted here unless I click "OK" when I see them -- so there's no instant satisfaction of seeing the comment appear online.

To which I can only shrug and say "Schade!" Because the alternative is to get dozens of spam comments every day, selling pharmaceutical products and other rubbish.