Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today, for the first time in 15 years, I weigh under 70 Kg! 69Kg, that is, so not exactly record-breaking stuff and I'm still a certifiable blimp -- just a 69 Kg one rather than 76 or 78Kg one. That's what I was last June, when I began to think it was time to take action.

It's on account of a very gradual programme of re-orientating desires, not anything deserving the name of "diet". This blog doesn't usually go in the direction of personal data, but I thought I could afford a little celebration today. And maybe share a tip? I believe the entire turnaround occurred when I identified the culprit in my daily in-take -- in my case it was/is bread. It's not merely that I ADORE bread/toast and all the variations on that theme(i.e., toast-butter; toast-cheese; toast-apricot jam; you get the idea), but that the chef of this house makes bread three times a week -- and it's really yummy.

My main point though isn't that would-be dieters need to cut bread out of their diets! But that there is perhaps one item more than any other which contributes to the unwanted poundage. Somehow, one has to face one's desire square in the eye and with quiet determination ... undo it. I'm not the type who can endure much in the way of self-denial so I allow myself very many occasions for weakness, but always with the underlying theme that each occasion is to be considered a special one. A toast to toast, so to speak.

And the not-so-main point? Just this: don't give up. Those of you who have read GETTING THERE (see column at right) will know that this quest has been in progress a VLT (= Very Long Time) -- forever, pretty much -- except for the brief period described in the book, during which I followed all the instructions at that doctor's clinic and did indeed experience a very satisfying loss, resulting in the realization that it was possible (of course, I put it straight back on, a month later)(you have to read the book to get the whole story, which is complicated and involves Dutchmen and enlightenment)(but of course you CAN'T read it coz it's not available in bookstores)(not my fault). It seems to me, for very many dieters, it's an actual barrier -- I mean, it really is difficult to believe that weight CAN be lost, which causes many would-be dieters to give up.

And yesyesyes -- it's utterly boring and perhaps, these days, old-fashioned and unPC to even discuss weightloss as if it were something desirable. I don't care. I'm 69 Kg this morning and I wanted to SHARE!


Paul M. said...

I'm 89 kgs and the docs say I should be 70 if I'm to go on existing! Can't get my mind off all those juicy non-veg dishes in the menu. Some of them talk about will power. I'm currently shopping around for some, but haven't found an outlet that has it in store!

Anonymous said...

heh! what a coincidence (and come to think of it what a lovely number too!) but me 2 is 69!!!!! i started about 4 months ago - doc claimed i was getting high on b.p. (she didn't realise what i really was getting high on!) anyway to make a short story long - i completely 100% cut out carobohydr8s and sugars from my diet (i believe its kind of like the atkins diet) - and first 2 weeks i dropped nearly 8 kgs! after that its been 1 or 2 kgs a month down ....... but the cool thing is that my b.p. numbers are back to normal - and the doc is astonished. 4 me this is a life change now - i'm basically completely off carbs and sugar. i no longer care to eat depending on how something tastes - rather i eat depending on content. i go high on proteins, salads and yes of course grass! its amazing how often the remedy seems to be not in what you do - but rather in what you don't! best gt

Anonymous said...

i would love to be 69;i have just crossed 55(i believe) since i can put on a jeans i always wanted to! cheers!
ps: i loved your piece 'morning glory in the east of kailash'...

Marginalien said...

Heh, gt! So we're 69 together .... errrrm ... and I'll just leave that there, this being a family blog and all.

As for thee, fiercepothead, clearly you belong amongst the tribe of those who wish to PUT ON weight! Never having belonged in that category I can only imagine what it might be like. Prolly rather nice. *sigh* Not that I'll EVER KNOW. Glad you liked "Morning Glory ..." It was kind of fun writing it.

gt said...

family blog huh? well reminds me of wha@ they say about incest - its all right as long as it remains in the family. :-)