Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Chrysanthemum This is one of the paintings from last year that gave me a bit of hope in myself (translation: after having produced one ghastlyuglygristly painting after the other, when I got to this one I was suprised to find that I actually liked it when it was done).

I'm posting it here as an Obama-Inauguration Day offering -- we spent most of the day from 3 pm (New Delhi time) onwards with the TV switched on near-constantly. We didn't actually sit down to watch till evening, but it was still quite a long session. Astounding, inspirational and also sobering. He makes it clear that there's a long hard slog ahead of him and his presidency is going to be mostly grim and care-worn -- which is why it's easy to believe him. He seems to be the only point of sanity in the lunatic asylum that is this planet. But I feel more sympathy for him than I've ever bothered to feel for any other head of state. May he live long and prosper, may his presidency be a great and hallowed one.

... and a peek at ART CONNECT

You won't be able to see the whole article that appeared in the India Foundation for the Arts magazine (Art Connect) but if you click the link and then click again on the article by me, you'll be able to see another of the prints to which I added a few lines of monologue -- like with the "Magnolia" lioness print of a couple of posts ago. You have to subscribe to read the whole article (and of course any of the others that have been posted online).

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