Thursday, January 01, 2009

Helloooo 2009!

This image of one of my etchings, along with its text, appears in the current issue of Art Connect, the India Foundation for the Arts' very attractive bi-annual magazine.
I wrote the text for a feature about my prints, but the idea of giving some of my prints a "voice" came from the editor of the magazine, novelist and poet Anjum Hasan. I don't think it's possible to link to the magazine, which is a SHAME, coz I really enjoyed putting together the texts. You'll just have to buy or order a copy of the magazine by mail!
And the lioness? Well, she's here to wish all visitors to this blog an interesting and unusual year. May your cushions be colourful, your claws sharp, your carpets comfortable and your afternoons long and plentiful.


azeez said...

beautiful unusual vision of 2009

sinusoidally said...

Wow, you're so talented.

sharanyamanivannan said...

This is great!