Monday, May 23, 2005

Two More Blogs on My List

Featured in the list on the right, please find links to JABBERWOCK and DUCK OF DESTINY, two very entertaining and h'erudite blogs. I'll leave you to discover to whom they belong but can guarantee amusing and provocative reads. There are so many great blogs out there that it's tough deciding which ones to add to my list -- or, it WOULD be tough, if not that my inclusion criteria are fixed at: (a) those blogs that had something freaky-but-fun (such as the Subservient Chicken) and (b) those blogs that have been the source of visits to my blog (I know from the "referrals" at the site meter). No interest like self-interest, heh heh.


soulstation said...

How can I mail you directly. Just wanted to have your opinion on Ayurveda treatment. In one of your blogs you have mentioned that you undertook some similar treatment. Can I see ur opinion in this regard? mail me at

Amrit said...

And you removed my blog from your list :-(.

Just joking...I know you must have your criteria :-).


Marginalien said...

Hi soulstation, what I've said in my blog is about all I have to say about my experience of the treatment. I am not an ideal patient for alternative medicine because I don't have the patience or the faith that's necessary to get the full benefit of a course of treatment.

Amrit, apologies!! Brutal, huh? Sorry ... and thanks for being good humoured about it. If it's any consolation, I dropped Caferati too.

imhunt said...

Have been reading a few interesting thinghs off your blog. I'm what you could term as a e-Head Hunter. I read blogs to spot writers and interesting people in general. Need writers for a website and fortnightly. Not a full fledged job but a sort of committed one. Let me know if you're interested.
Will pay okay. Nice little ring that has.
Mail Id-

Marginalien said...

Money? Did someone offer MONEY? Hmmm. That's a new one! Nice to hear that my head might be worth hunting. It's a sweet thought imhunt, but I'm kind of too old to jump. It's either million dollar contracts or nothing! Thanx for offering.

a.a said...

Oh my God ! I thought it was priceless, that *you* are propositioned for being a 'potential' pay per page writer. Do you get these offers you can't refuse, often ?

Marginalien said...

Why ... err ... no! This is the very first one. I'm hoping it starts a trend. Wouldn't mind having the kind of offers that I REALLY can't refuse.