Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Monday morning: I and a friend spent an hour looking around the shrine at Nizamuddin -- I've lived in Nude Elly for the past 20 years and have NEVER visited the shrine. It was like stepping through a crack in the wall, straight into the past, about three centuries back in time. The sun, let me assure you, was just as hot then as it is now ...  Posted by Hello


A.A said...

Good photo, the lazy hot post-noon is nicely captured. I like the stark gray arches too.

The Coolpix 2100 is a nifty piece of work, as are most of the Nikon's stable.. *sorry for the shameless plug for Nikon, I'm particularly partial to the Nikons..:) *

Marginalien said...

Thnx, and plug away! Like I said, these pix are wholly creditable to Nikon, coz I have been trying to take pix for years and have never succeeded in getting anything worth looking at. It's because I don't have the patience to struggle with settings when I'm already struggling with my unwillngness to step outside the frame of reality by putting a camera up in front of my face. This camera (warning: another shameless plug on its way -- but it's true of all digitals, I imagine) permits me to compose the picture without having to hold the machine up in front of my face.

vAgue said...

yes nizamuddin really is tucked away and waiting to be discovered. The approach is particularly strange, not in the least for the sort of things you could see. (never mind what all, or maybe that calls for apost, hmmm).

Did you catch the qawalli? the (thursday? wednesday?)qawalli is supposed to be special.