Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Isn't this an amazing picture(taken by E, not me)?? Scrawny's elder siblings returned to the Home Bamboo and all three little birds spent most of the day huddling together while their parents foraged tirelessly for food! In case it isn't already very obvious, Scrawny is the one in the centre, with the no-tail and the reddish head. He is still extremely backward in the development stakes, but I am now feeling very much happier for him. Posted by Hello


A Hairy Snail said...

Hope Scrawny lives on...

rajneesh said...

hi marginalien aka ms. blaise,
am glad i found you here.

will keep following your adventures.

lot of exciting news from the indian comic strip scene. this will be a good time for suki version 2.0 to hit the indian nespapers.

all the best to you. and to scrawny.


Marginalien said...

Hi melchizedek and rajneesh. Re Scrawny ... errm ... well ... last seen flying off into the sunset. That was on Thursday (2nd June), late afternoon. He looked really well, very perky, keeping up with the others. However, there was a thunder, rain and short-circuiting powerlines that afternoon. The power remained off till late at night. All five White Eyes disappeared for about a day. Since then, we've seen only four (two adults, two minors), not five.

I would like to hope that Scrawny is one of the two smaller birds, but then again, that's not really the way things work in nature. So I am resigned to the very high likelihood that for some reason, he didn't make it thru the storm. But I'm glad he'd found his wings and had a chance to fly around a bit and managed to spend some quality time with his siblings before ... whatever.

rajneesh, Suki thanks you for your good wishes, but she's really enjoying her retirement.