Saturday, February 15, 2014

SUKI ONLINE / 2014 / 01

1) Okay, so it's been TWO MONTHS. I've been traveling since the 10th of December 2013. Not continuously, sure, but enough that I couldn't settle down and give Suki her space.

2) The view is of the Trishul/Nanda Devi range (it's not properly centred, so Nanda Devi is kind of cut off, on the right) and I felt breathless and blown away and all of those things -- I've seen the view before, but never this clearly, never for five days continuously, never with the sense of being In The Presence Of Snow Peak Super Stars in quite this way before. I traveled to Sitla from New Delhi with E and A (by car. A driving all the way), intending to spend the two days before and after the New Year there. I've been to Sitla a number of times before and we've always stayed with wonderful friends, at their very special, very beautiful home/estate/orchard. The peaks have always been curtained away behind mist and haze. But this time, there they were just … there.

Just there.

You want to spend the whole day looking. And that's all.

3) I got back to my little hideaway in the US last Friday, after an extremely active trip. I feel as if I spent the whole two months running around. First to Madras, then to Sitla, then very briefly to Bangalore, for only my second Lit Fest, the Times of India's Literary Carnival.

I'll post more photographs in a later post, from the Sitla trip. Not more pictures of the range (because nothing really does it justice) but of quick blinks taken from the window of the car, of village markets along the way.

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hi nice suki! following fitted so i thought of putting it here - Published on Friday, February 21, 2014 by Common Dreams
Walk Softly. This Is Earth. We Have Much Still to Learn. by Robert C. Koehler
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