Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This article appeared in the Times of India's CREST edition, Saturday 14th (i.e., on Children's Day): More Power To Pictures. I thought I'd post it here for two reasons -- one, it increases the life of an article by, ummmm, a few minutes and two, because I'm going to be in conversation with one of the artists mentioned in the piece, David B., author of EPILEPTIC.

The event is scheduled for December 11th, at the IHC, New Delhi, courtesy the French Information Centre as part of their BONJOUR INDIA FESTIVAL. Clicking the link will take you to the BIF site. My event includes two other well-known graphic novelists, Sarnath Banerjee (CORRIDOR) and Nicolas Wild (KABOUL DISCO).


Scherezade said...

Umm, I think the Bonjour India link is broken. And, I am so there for this event.

marginalien said...

Hi and tx for informing me about the broken link, Scherezade! It should be okay now. See ya there!