Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here's a link to TEHELKA's year end SHORT STORY ISSUE -- I think this is their inaugural edition, but they hope to make it an annual feature. I have a story called FEAST in the issue. Go read! I think I was grinning all the way through writing it, about two months ago. But the whole issue looks inviting -- you'll see thumbnails of the illustrations to each story when you click on the first link and they all seem ripe with promise.

Also: I've changed the font size -- anyone noticed?? -- because one potential reader complained that he (I mistakenly assumed the "she") found it too tiny to read. It now looks all-in-bold for me and there's no in-between option (yes, yes, I can go to the HTML view and change the percentages with each post but ... I'm not going to, coz I'm lazy). However, I'll leave it like this for a while. Or maybe forever. Whichever ends first.
As for the picture ... a blast from the past! Sent to me by SASHI PAZHOOR, it's a clipping he made of a published interview with me, in the late '80s. I cannot remember ever looking as glossy-pages-glamourous this, having always thought of myself as the family hunchback! It's certainly a reminder that good looks are entirely a function of youth
LINK to MyBangalore interview
... and, as further evidence of my brief but enjoyable visit to Bangalore/Bengaluru
here's a link to the MyBangalore piece by Sunanda Pati.


The Boatman said...

a piece of newsprint finds it's destiny... Life !!

gt said...

miss mp. an ardent member of your fan club respectfully disagrees with your modest assessment. its true you were quite a "babe" in days bygone - & after seeing your photo i couldn't help gleefully recall the line of suitors that used to enviously eye us - of a crowd who basked in your friendship because we regaled in your "inner beauty" ie brains rather than brawn. who was that wise guy who said - the trouble with youth is that its wasted on the youth? perhaps a lesson to learn 4 you is to get back into cartooning as the medium that expresses with graphics and 1 liners your view of the world? - i mention this as i see you have put up one in your blog - and it seems so astutely to represent the situation we (once again) are forced to confront with pakistan. gt

Marginalien said...

gt -- I am smiling broadly (pun INTENDED) as I too recall those distant days, and it's not because of MY suitors (what? which?) but YOUR retinue that I smile!

But thank you anyway. It is too entirely true that youth is wasted on the young. I thank the Fates that time runs only in one direction! No doubt if any of us could be young again, we would be exactly as wasteful of our gifts and energies as we were the first time around.

BTW, did you know that you and The Boatman are/were buddies? I've been wondering whether the connection to this blog was made before or after you/he realized there was a past-life link between thee and me.

gt said...

well you know - its not at all uncommon 4 me to casually mention something like oh i have had the privilege to share a meal or two, a conversation or simply a cab with the gr8 U. you have no idea what it does 4 my social standing - & as i can recall i am pretty cer10 that i mentioned your blog to the boatwallah - whom i have had the pleasure to get to know over the last year or two. anyway - duck, for here comes another - & all best wishes etc - it might not exactly be the optimum atmosphere in this day & age but hell, at least it beats the altern8iv considering that we are still here! gt