Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I sent this cartoon to the Letters page of a news magazine about ten days ago but it's not appeared yet so I'm guessing it won't. Ever since the war-talk began, bare moments after the terror-attack on Bombay ended, this image has been pushing its way forward.
I lived in Pakistan as a child, for three years. At the end of that time, the single startling revelation I had when we returned to India (by train) was that there was virtually no difference between the two countries.


The Boatman said...

i wish you publish more of your work here. lots of cartoons that you created back then seem to be more relevant now.

Marginalien said...

I'd actually like to do a regular cartoon but my connections with print media are too weak or irregular and I'm away a lot so it's not easy to maintain continuity. I sometimes think of just putting up cartoons here, at my blog -- but blogging is a lonely business. It doesn't provide anything like the buzz of print media. The Cartoon Congress in Kathmandu was a pleasant reminder that there is still some kind of cartoon energy whirring inside me.

You never know. A new year is on the horizon, I've just begun work on the illustrations for a children's book for TULIKA (the Madras-based publishers of last year's I AM DIFFERENT picture book which I really enjoyed working on) and I'm in the midst of a series of paintings. Maybe cartoons will just happen alongside everything else?