Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mating-Games-and-How-To-Lose-'Em Dept.

This link came to me via my other most reliable source of juicy web-sites, Zigzackly (blog-link at right): The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox from the online magazine, Slate. Embedded in the article is a link to ANOTHER interesting read, here, from The Atlantic Monthly. It's a different take on the subject of singledom versus marriedom -- gloomier and sadder -- and contrasts weirdly with the post called Good Wife-Keeping featured at this blog (you have to click on the picture in order to read the text accompanying it -- a bit of a drag -- but well worth the effort).

I found myself sympathizing with the author while also wanting to argue with her all the way through. It seems to me her problem -- and by association, the problems of many millions of young and not-so-young women -- is the mistaken belief that you CAN have your cake and eat it too. She's so very articulate and self-aware, but doesn't appear to understand the role of luck and fate in all our lives. I would say, by mid-life, those of us who are realistic have understood that in spite of all our efforts, some of us manage to attain all their goals while others, however gifted and diligent, don't. There comes a point when one has to smile and say, "Well ... ta-daaaaa to all that struggling!"

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