Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

For Earth Day I thought I'd post a couple of recent links. First up is We Can Solve It, an inspiring and positive site that tells you, me and the universe the many different ways in which we can all put our shoulders to the wheel of solving the planet's ecological crisis.

Then there's Ideal Bite which I heard of on BBC's TV programme, CLICK -- tips and self-help ideas for those who are keen to be green.

And this last one is something I noticed as a small adverstisement at some other website: Many Moons, a site at which NON-disposable menstrual products can be ordered online.

Amongst them is something I would REALLY have appreciated when I was a potential client (I had a hysterectomy more than ten years ago) -- a "Keeper" -- a small flexible cup-like object which, when inserted, contains rather than absorbs the flow of menstrual blood. It's reusable and safe, with no known side-effects. I read about it in my late twenties in MS Magazine, but never saw on sale anywhere. Nor did I meet anyone who said she had ever seen/heard of/used such an item. It sounded like a great idea, especially for someone (i.e., me) who absolutely detested having to keep track of dates and supplies. I travelled a lot and was often in situations when I couldn't be sure that the local chemist's shop would carry the brands and products that I preferred to use. And now, here it is, available at the click of a mouse ...

Very cool.

The photograph, BTW, is one I took last year, at Tiger Haven.

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Anonymous said...

I love when people speak frankly about menstruation! :)