Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yup, I'm still alive

For all those who may be puzzled about my silence in recent days ... well, I'm in Madras now and despite three computers in the house, am less than usually able to dial-up. My laptop caught a virus the last time I dialled up and I had to reformat the hard-disk -- which was okay and fairly painless but it's left me with an unwillingness to use it for dialling up any more. My sister's machine, the one I'm using now, is upstairs and hence not available to me on tap 'coz I'm downstairs from it. Also, she's a busy journalist and needs to use her machine a lot. My niece's laptop, which she very kindly loans me when I'm visiting, has developed a tic in Internet Explorer, so it no longer permits me to browse.

So there we are. Limited access. Weird, huh? Two years ago, I'd go into shock if I couldn't dial up every half hour or so. And two years before THAT, I used to wander down to the local cyber cafe -- what my mother misheard and consequently used to call "The Khyber Pass", causing her friends to look at me strangely whenever I returned home, wondering how come I travelled so swiftly back and forth from Afghanistan -- all day long. But today, I'm almost calm about it.

Of course part of the reason for that is the continuing focus on my show. I was over at the gallery yesterday and am happy to report that all the pictures are framed and up on the walls. I think they(the collages) are looking rather sweet -- all the little ones are the same size, i.e., 12"x12", so they look like a sort of running border on the walls, just at head-height. The prints are mostly all on a wall to themselves and look rather sober and serious by comparison to the collages which I have started to refer to as "hybrids" and/or "squiggle paintings", take your pick. Both names are appropriate. They ARE hybrids in the sense that they are neither wholly collage nor really painted at all and they DO employ a large contingent of squiggles in various colours and textures.

The show hasn't opened yet, but a few reactions have been registered, mostly positive. There are five red dots up already! Nice.

And Hurree: yes, I blush and confess that a mere two days after telling you that I was still too repressed to allow you to visit for a viewing at my home, I DID allow Someone Else (who visits this blog) not only to view but to buy. Arrgh. Well there's nothing I can say in my defense except that there's a tipping point -- if I'm still technically "finishing" the work, I won't want to anyone to see it regardless who has come to visit. But past that point, gradually the veils begin to drop away and I am okay with it. Still, I should have signalled to you when I knew that point had been reached ... You are hereby free to whip me upto fifty times with a large soft feather(both peacock and ostrich feathers are good for this). Or deprive me of chocolate cake upto my next three visits at your home. Or both.

Three more days before the show opens. The gallery owners, Sarala and Bishu Bannerji are extremely friendly and seem almost as pleased with the work as I am -- which is unexpected, considering that, like most artists, I feel rather like a cat with kittens (funny how frequently I find analogies between myself and cats. Must be the combined influence of my sister Su's Siamese Callas and Hurree's marmalade Tiglath) when I gaze upon my stuff, now framed between black and gold borders, on the walls of their gallery. Anyway, they are the first gallery owners with whom I feel comfortable -- they seem to really enjoy dealing in art, even though they've had their share of burns from unscrupulous artists.

And so to close. I'm still doing some of my homework -- making up lists of names to send invitations to (yes, STILL! Apparently no-one comes anyway, but you've got to send the invitations out, even if they reach the recipients only on the day of the opening) and all the names of the items on view, plus prices and a bit of bio-data for myself. *yawn*


Amrobilia said...

Ah! I'm finally allowed a comment! I took my bow and will be in a posish to send the goodies for the wealth by the 10th. Who do I courier them to?

I'm just back from Jodhpur after starring in a Hollywood pic that has Peter O'Toole n Omar Sharif in it n I'm hoping to meet Mr. O'Toole when I return the day after. Had a scene with John Rhys-Davies (ring a tring? - he was in the Lord of the Rings films...?) n he was great to work with...n very appreciative of yours' truly's (always stellar) performance. Nice, nice experience. These guys give the actors SO MUCH space it's heartening...well goody lucky and may thee sell 'em all. Inshallah!

Marginalien said...

WOW! That sounds like big-time fun -- and experience! Great. When can we start queueing for autoigraphs (yours, I mean)?

You can send your contrib. to Sarala Bannerji at the address given on the card, anytime. Red dots are up!! And a good thing too, coz there was another taker for RED FIELD.

Thnx for the encouragement ...

Hurree said...

Aw, no sweat. (Though I had NO idea you were kinky about feathers. Hmmm.) Have to warn you though not to red dot the lot: am moving home (sound of violins in background, please) and this is the only chance I'll have to get rid of the bluidy pichwais and buy Propah Art I likes. Moving house, btw, is a very good way to get rid of the excrescences people give you to have and hold along with the spouse: on move one, we got rid of the hideously ugly Tanjore, move two took care of the fake Mughals, but move three was a setback because I acquired a bad painting with religious objets inserted (did manage to dump the Splotchy Naked Lady in Shower with Acne and Loofah Up Her Bum, though).

So... as you well know, I stand in need. Only Manjula Will Do.