Sunday, December 19, 2004


Okay, so this is something I thought was funny about four years ago. I may have been sniffing chocolate at the time. But I looked 'em over again today and thought ... ehh, they're so silly I might as well share 'em. I am not sure they'll look as god intended on different browsers/screens -- in particular, I have no idea whether Mac users will see something utterly weird and incomprehensible. Of course, it's very likely that they really ARE weird and incomprehensible -- for instance, even I cannot see the point of "Coiled Sperm".

Ah, the anguish of being a misunderstood artist.


(Basic Sperm)

(De Gaulle sperm)

(coiled sperm)

(sperm attack)

(sperm looking sideways over its shoulder)

(cross (i.e., angry) sperm)

(happy sperm)

(mercenary sperm)

(sperm bank)

(old sperm)

(sleeping sperm)

1 comment:

Amrobilia said...

Brilliant! Creativity at its peak! Loved the 'looking over the shoulder' spermatozoa - reminded me of the Spy vs. Spy spies in you watch MAD on Zee Eng.? I think you'd dig the stuff they put on.

No consignment yet! Boo hoo!!!