Thursday, November 06, 2014



… and finally, after weeks of making excuses and developing allergies to keyboards and wanting to sleep all day, every day, SWEET LOTUS ART is a reality. 

And you know the best part? It was fun to set it up. The host site, FolioTwist, is highly approachable and easy to use. At every point, if I got stuck it was because I wasn't paying attention and/or I was so convinced I wouldn't be able to move forward that I got stuck just in order to feel justified in my beliefs. Incompetence is always the easiest of all options, right?

But Zac and Dan of Folio Twist are patient, helpful and more than anything else, really good at what they do. So Sweet Lotus Art is finally up and I'm feeling very happy about it. 

As some of you know, I've been exhibiting my edition prints for years so they're on view, as one might expect. However the new element here is that I've made many of those etchings/lithos available here as digital reproductions -- that is, something like a photocopy except that it's beautifully printed, through another web-site called ImageKind (they also sell tons of other art). I can afford to say "beautifully printed" coz I'm not praising myself here -- that site does really good work. I ordered a couple of prints for my sister and when she showed me the results, I was kind of blown away. The paper and the printing are great. And because they're reproductions, not "signed originals", they're also surprisingly cheap*.

I am also offering a large number of "doodles" -- sketches I made (and continue to make) while talking on the phone -- as digital reproductions. Some of them are in black and white, as they are when I make 'em and some of them, like the one featured above, started off b/w but I colorize them and make them into what I'm calling Digital Posters. I will gradually transform all the b/ws into digital posters (they'll continue to be available in monochrome too).

I am not offering the edition prints for sale internationally for the moment. I am not yet set up to do the packing, insuring and shipping. But if you're living outside the US and want to order prints from ImageKind, it should be easy enough. You'd just pay a lot more for shipping, of course, than you would in the US.

So … umm … what are you waiting for? GO VISIT. Send the link to all your friends. And if you're an artist, sign up at FolioTwist and start your own gallery. It'll be fun. Trust me.

*but you have to click on "unframed", when you're at ImageKind to see the raw, unvarnished price. At first glance you'll have a heart attack, because the price includes the frame, matt and glazing.

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