Saturday, October 29, 2011


There's no way to prove this, but the eggs pictured here were actually ONE egg, with two yolks. I know, I know -- it's common enough -- but not for moi. So after the first couple of eggs I thought, "Hey wait! Why am I being cool about this? It's new for ME. Even if the whole rest of the world gets double yolk eggs for breakfast EVERYDAY, I haven't so far." So I took a photograph, with my usual ineptitude (just so that it's clear I'm not employing a professional) and have -- as you can see -- posted it here. I got about five double yolk eggs in a carton of 12 extra-larges. They tasted completely normal. I was SO disappointed!

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Deepti Chaudhari said...

I once got a batch of double-yolk eggs, and I've saved two of them in my fridge. I'm considering hard-boiling them and then cutting them open to see if the two yolks remain intact. I'd love to show it off to my friends and blog readers!