Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review of ESCAPE

This review, by RIMI B CHATTERJEE appeared in the American Book Review earlier this year. I wasn't able to link to it there but RBC has very kindly scanned the printed review, blogged it and then sent it to me. Here's a link. It's definitely the best review that ESCAPE has received so far but more than that, it's the kind of review that makes an author feel that some readers really DO make the effort to read all the way through a book. That is SO RARE ...


Dhivya said...


I chanced along your blog after a long time and was happy to see this link to Escape. It remains one of my favorite books. And yes I still wait for the sequel.

I remembered writing to you before so dug it up :)

marginalien said...

Goodness! Hello again, Dhivya! Thanks for leaving a comment. And yes, the sequel is in progress.