Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is such a neat little game! It's called FAMOUS OBJECTS FROM CLASSIC MOVIES and I got it from another outstanding source-object called VSL, short for VERY SHORT LIST. If you haven't already subscribed (free, like all good things) to VSL, I suggest clicking and signing up right away. You won't regret it (though of course you might lose your day job. But then again, you won't care. You'll be too busy following up VSL's smart, interesting links).

OKAY! And here's a bonus link to BABY ELEPHANTS PLAYING IN A KIDDIE'S WADING POOL! If I were a mad scientist, I'd find a way to shrink elephants down to the size of Great Danes, so that we could all have ELEPHANTS as house companions instead of -- whatever -- dogs, cats, people. Notice, I said "house companions" rather than pets? I think we've got to stop with the "pet" concept. Or anyway, not when we're talking about animals other than humans.

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