Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 -- Graphiti and more!

So! My previous post didn't make it into the New Year it seems. Hmmm. Well, here are fresh offerings, in that case! To begin with, a set of funny graphs sent to me RS followed by (not sure if the link will work coz it's from the Evil Empire of FaceBlecccch) a video-montage from BBC One of critturs in chat. Posted by blogger Kapan Senget. Sent to me by ANOTHER RS. Oh wait -- turns out the FB link DOES work, but it isn't willing to appear at the END of the images. So here it is now: BBC ONE, Animal Chat

Later today: here's a link to a wonderful article in the New Yorker called SWEET REVOLUTION, by Adam Gopnik, about the science and theory and also the sheer delight of ... DESSERT. An absolute MUST READ.


Anonymous said...

A straight rip-off from Graphjam ( eh?

marginalien said...

Well, I don't who did the ripping, coz I got the graphs as a forward, with no credit lines. So thank you for the link ... ANONYMOUS! In case you know who designed the actual graphs, speak up. I like to acknowledge sources.