Monday, December 27, 2010


Here's a link to an opinion piece by me that appeared in the Times of India today KLINGON SEASON. I found the image of Star Trek's Worf on CARBON BASED CURIOSITIES.WORF, Star Trek


marginalien said...

Hrish posted the following comment, which I deleted by mistake*:

Nicely done!

*Philosophical question #3059: Would a blogger re-post a comment deleted by mistake IF the comment had NOT been friendly??

To which I respond with a deep and thoughtful: Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

it took me some time to convince myself that I WANT to read abt Klingon or whoever this ugly creature is. But then I read it and liked the train of thoughts to which you bring yr readers + me. Klingon in combination with xmas is not so bad after all, except that the story of star trucks never was on my mindscreen. )))Biatti

marginalien said...

Biatti! I'm delighted to see that you (or your computer? Or your local internet server?) is allowing you to post messages on Blogger!! Glad to see you here. Yes, I know that for MANY readers, Star Trek and all its characters seem like just weirdness. But there's a strange, sweet heart at the centre of the weirdness, as all Trekkie fans know.