Saturday, October 23, 2010

OUTLOOK MAGAZINE's 15th Anniversary Issue

Here's a LINK to my essay in the issue -- it features a couple of old SUKI cartoons! Here's one of them -- a fragment from the "Historionics" episode published in THIS IS SUKI.


Ingrid Morstrad said...

I just read the article. Informative and I wish there were more Indian comics.

Know where I can get a copy of Suki?

marginalien said...

Hello and thank you, Ingrid. DOUBLETALK is a Penguin India publication, so you should be able to order it online directly from Penguin.

Ingrid Morstrad said...

Just to make it clear I'd read the offline -paperback- version of the essay (not that it matters much)

It's great that you responded so soon :)
I guess the blogosphere, for all its faults, is great if it lets us connect to celebrities/inspiring personalities so easily.

Thanks for the information, I think I'll be grabbing a copy before the year passes.