Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March Madness

Need a laugh? Go visit THIS SITE featuring howlers of the political rally kind.

But in other news ... I am still chasing my tail, trying desperately to get one lot of work completed in order to make space for the OTHER lot, which, coincidentally happens to be my primary work (i.e., writing, painting). Ahem. Well ... yep. I'm the sort of degenerate being who cannot even manage to play hooky in a competent fashion, because one way or another it's ALL WORK. *snarl*

I did manage to complete my picture-book-for-the-year, however and am feeling very pleased about it. It's called SAME & DIFFERENT and is another* book of picture puzzles. I am posting a TINY sample below -- and haven't asked my publisher TULIKA's permission yet, so if you return later today and discover that there's NO PICTURE it means I've been smacked on the head and sent to bed without supper. I delivered the artwork last week and the finished result should be out in print, I'm told, in maybe a week from now!! The speed at which books leap off the desk and into the world these days just takes my breath away. (*the first one was called I AM DIFFERENT, also from TULIKA)


Paul said...

The zebra'a look surprisingly intelligent. Seem to know something we humans may never come to know.

Oh, yeah..And thanks to the 'cheer leader link' in the howlers of the political kind. I knew I could count on you!

(Wonder why gt's gone into hybernation.)

Paul said...

Remember a cartoon in 'Punch' a looooong time ago in which the subject was Prince Charles. Below the caricature were a number of foot-note like observations. I remember one:
"Has a surprisingly intelligent look on his face which makes you wonder who his real parents are."

I wonder who are the real parents of Manjula's Zebras.

marginalien said...

Hmmmmmmm ... now then Paul! Are you suggesting that (a) the zebras look too intelligent for ME to be their parent?? (b) the zebras look too stripey to be MY offspring? (c) the zebras look too weird to be zerbas at all???

Paul said...

Well, I didn't think you'd feel so possessive about them! I just used 'Manjula's zebras' because they came without any other name tag!

No, It's the 'Death of the Author' kind of 'thingy'! Now that the process of sketching (and perhaps clouring/painting/colour indiacting - I'm not sure what tricks of the printing trade were employed)is over and done with, the zebra's don't belong to you. They are of the public domain.

Anonymous said...

heh sir p - am much around and reading all the witticisms - and enjoying. had a brief trip 2 india - but hung in numbai most of the time. back on the "other" continent now and hoping jet lag starts to lag wherein i in10d 2 start touring these spaces again. gt