Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ms Malcontent Sez ... 2010








[I got tired of waiting to upload the panels one day at a time! Here it is, whole and in the correct sequence]

AND ALSO: Here's a review of DELHI NOIR in The Hindu Literary Review, Sunday 3rd Jan, 2010.


scherezade said...

Happy New Year!
Mine is already going south with exams scheduled in the first two weeks.
Education is, like,so overrated. Totally.

Anonymous said...

aha! thank goodness we got ms. malcontent back - impatient 2 do her day by day striptease - and chompin' at her bit! gt

marginalien said...

Ha -- I couldn't bear to post the strips one day at a time! So this is the whole story all at one go, as before.

Strip-teasing will have to await Ms Malcontent's pleasure (or discontent! She may be a masochist).

biatti said...

nice to have her + you back! ))) biatti

marginalien said...

BIATTI!!!! You have finally succeeded in posting a comment here!! Willcommen! Have you changed your computer? Or your internet connection? Your security level? Whatever! It's very nice to see you hier! Ms Malcontent will become Ms Contented for a few moments!