Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I AM DIFFERENT! Review in Saffron Tree

This review of I AM DIFFERENT! appeared at the SAFFRON TREE site. I am very pleased that someone's noticed the book. TULIKA editors reported seeing potential buyers put the book down after one glance because "Oh! It's not in English!" It certainly seemed as if our decision to use 16 different Indian scripts -- with pronounciation guide -- had been a mistake, even though it's very clear that the scripts are additional value, not the only text.

Anyway, according to the comments at Saffron Tree there are at least a few readers who not only got the point and but also enjoyed muddling along with the unfamiliar words and shapes of other languages, while working through the (very simple) puzzles.


gt said...

nice review. even nicer comments! in fact the type of approach you promote of looking for differences/ predicting future sequences can be an excellent exercise for visuo spatial testings as done in IQ tests. gt

Anonymous said...

& o! think you might like this article as it discusses laughter - and also the idea of imitation - something that ramachandran also talks about (though he isnt mentioned in this article.

Tulika Publishers said...

Yes! The review and the comments that follow are a great argument for innovative multi-lingual books:)

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.