Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just a few new links (look at the column on the right). Bizarre Fountains
is, as its name suggests a collection of oddities involving water and public spaces. I was going to pull up one of them to feature here but then decided against -- it's a little girl version of the famous Belgian "Mannikin Pis". It's charming in its way but then again ... I dunno. I've always considered Mannikin Pis vaguely annoying, since it celebrates an activity that is all too common on Indian streets but Jeanneke Pis (as the girlie version is called) appears to be a "so there!" statement. The collection of fountains is part of a web-site called VILLAGE OF JOY which has many kinds of oddities. The HOME page currently features a rather nasti-shock image, so if you're in a home situation, open with caution.

SEA SALT WITH FOOD is a foodies' paradise -- the BBC's Click Online programme talked about it, and though I've not attempted any of the items listed at the site, everything sounds delish. That's as much cooking as I can actually do (i.e., read about it), but I thought I'd pass on the link to those of you who have a more hands-on approach.

OMEGLE is an odd little site -- something between a one-night-stand and a chat-room: there's no sign-up, nothing. You go there, click and text-chat with TOTAL STRANGERS. That's it. No strings attached, no bells, no whistles and also no pix, no audio, no names. You click, you type and you (mostly) disconnect. The "Strangers" (that's the closest you get to an ID) are 300% male in hunting parties of one, looking for some hotness. If you don't admit to being female (whether or not you are! Heheh), they disconnect as fast as it takes for their neurons to process the information. The best fun is to say "Hi", own up to being female -- then say you're 56 (which is what I am). You can practically see the other party jump out of his little silver-finish tracksuit! Haha. Amusant.

[NOTE ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPH: I call it Sunlight Through A Venetian Blind -- taken in my niece's warm and always welcoming apartment in Boston]

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