Friday, July 10, 2009


Got this from my friend Viji Ghose -- unlikely as it sounds, Achmed the Dead Terrorist Skit manages to be both hilarious and strangely (okay, VERY strangely) poignant.

I did wonder, tho, whether there are some people out there who might be offended. Suicide bomber wannabes, for instance ...

And also: a link to PETER GRIFFIN's(aka ZIGZACKLY)'s soulful tribute to Michael Jackson in FORBES INDIA magazine. The article is called Creature From Another Planet and features my Moonwalker image as its illustration.

2 comments: said...

Jeff Dunham is also touring presently! Catch him live at a venue near you.
For dates, go to:
I can't wait to see Achmed!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed Jeff's comedy routines and try to watch him whenever possible, but I (along with my mother)feel your "Achmed" character is not funny and that it is also insulting to ALL PEOPLE who have been hurt by terrorism and continue to be, especially our troops who continue to fight for our freedom from terrorism.