Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tattoo Zen?

So anyway: a friend sent me the image below, along with the text that goes with it. I'd seen the image before but not the text. The way it appears in an e-mail window, you see the opening statement, then the image and then scroll down a bit before you see the second statement.

Initially, I just grinned and shuddered. A moment later, I got to thinking: all right, so what sort of reaction was the owner of the tattoo soliciting, anyway?

After all, if, based on his choice of image, we imagine that he's attracted to women then why would he want to display one on his back (or anywhere else!)? Because that would very likely be unsettling to his lady friends, unless they were gay, in which case ... ummm ... they probably wouldn't be interested in his bum. But if we suppose that he's gay, then his choice of image would ... ummm ... maybe attract straight men? So then he's a gay man who solicits sex from straight men who, let's face it, would have to be just a leetle bit bent to be romancing another man's back.

Whatever the case, my guess is, this man would actually be quite HAPPY in prison after all!

(and another guess: that's not a tattoo at all, but just a bit of body-paint).

This man had what he thought was the best tattoo in the world...

Until he went to prison.


gt said...

ha! what an idea! i loved your potential interpretations of the guy's motivations and the complications involved.... gt

Abhimanyu k Singh said...

why do you think he will be "happy in prison"? My guess is that he is a lesbian in a man's body. A gay man won't get a girl's tattoo, I assume.
does seem like body paint!

Paul said...

The mind has depths that are unfathomable. Any guesswork at the real motive of the man (if you're sure it is a man and not a woman) with the tattoo (or the body paint) is likely to be far from reality as there could be myriad reasons why he / she opted for it.

And I too can't imagine why this person was imprisoned. Unless he / she went around town naked, which amounts to assaulting public sensibility.