Thursday, November 13, 2008


ESCAPE cover artwork
pic by DrEKSNarayanan

Three readings have been scheduled. I'll send out e-invitations to friends and family in the relevant cities but I've realized, after sending out the Delhi invites, that there are a number of friends whose e-addresses are mysteriously unavailable on my Gmail contact list. Hence this blog-post. Please feel free to circulate the information here to anyone who you think might be interested in attending one of the readings.

Here are the dates and venues (time details for Mad & Bom to be confirmed):

Friday, 21st November, at 6 p.m.

MADRAS: THE PARK HOTEL, Anna Salai, Chennai
Sunday, 30th November, (not sure of the time)

Thursday, 18th December (not sure of the time)

I'll read from the book and I suppose there will be a few moments in which to exchange pleasantries before and after. It may be fun. And then again, who knows? It may not. My plan is to read one whole chapter. It should take about 15 minutes but my friend Sunita tells me that people feeled cheated if they get anything less than 20 minutes. Really?? I need to know! At this moment I plan to read Chapter 17 which is a good in-between moment, involving a character I liked a lot (Windseeker), who doesn't reappear. But I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has some to offer.

There's ANOTHER event too -- over this weekend (i.e., 14th to the 16th). I'm going to Nepal, to attend the SOUTH ASIAN CARTOON CONGRESS organized by Nepal's HIMAL magazine. So I'll be out of e-range for the next couple of days, but I'm hoping to have something substantial to report when I get back on Sunday evening! It'll be my first visit ever to Nepal, and I'm looking forward to it. Annapurnaaaaaaaaah!


gt said...

ms. mp! nice photo! nice flowers 2! u really seem 2 b chuggin' along. all the best. gt

misch said...

am disappointed! you are not reading in bangalore?! pls pls do have a reading here...

Marginalien said...

Hi and tx, gt! We chuggers like to do our best ...

And misch -- if at present it looks like there are no Bangalore plans, it's only coz my publisher needs to hear from friendly would-be audiences before planz can be made! Get to it ... and I'll be there.

misch said...

eee... i'll think of a way

gt said...

1 suggestion in this day of cybering would be th@ you agree 2 get online through a skype or yahoo video - and all your fans could watch you real time. easiest is if u have a lap top - as u can just open it at your reading table and connect whosoever you want through the conference call. we particip8 in several conferences this way - and its pretty effective - and best of all its free. of course if the video option doesn't work - its always possible to have the phone part on - also free. mebbe the next time? best gt