Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peace! Silence! Orchids!

PALMS IN THE MIST, OrchidRetreat

This is just a very brief teaser-trailer about my recent trip to Sikkim -- it was a sudden trip that blew up out of the monsoon mists of last week, while I was still in Madras with my Mom -- oo! I haven't posted anything about THAT trip either (except that I watched APOCALYPTO on my laptop while I was in Madras, and posted about that)!! Hmm. Well -- let's just say, I went to Madras on the 2nd, stayed till the ninth, returned to Delhirium and left for Kalimpong/Gangtok on the llth! Returned just yesterday evening, tuckered out but very pleased with the way the trip turned out.

It wouldn't be fair to blog about the trip before I write my report for OUTLOOK TRAVELLER, the magazine responsible for despatching me to the mountains -- so of course I won't. But it won't harm anyone if I post the addresses of the two charming resorts at which I stayed: The Orchid Retreat in Kalimpong and The Hidden Forest Retreat in Gangtok, Sikkim.

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