Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weather Update

This cartoon was drawn about three weeks ago -- and at that time, temperatures were lurking in the lower brrrrrrs -- but believe, even now, for some of us tropical flowers it's not exactly summer. I don't know about Suki, but I am wearing, at this moment, aside from underwear: a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved tee, a camisole under the tee, tights and -- as a surprise, because I dressed in a hurry and didn't pay close attention to what I was doing -- a pair of cotton pajamas between the tights and the jeans!! You can see that the weather has had an effect on my attention centres. So -- THREE layers of legwear and TWO layers of upperwear -- and IT'S SUMMER!!!! Oh -- and socks with closed, water-proof shoes with warm lining.

Needless to say, everyone else in VT is wearing one layer or less (those who are wearing less are generally children. Or else very short adults). Sz routinely wears no shoes -- but she does that in all weather conditions so I have told myself that she has superior circulation and her feet apparently don't NEED the same kind of temperature control that mine do. Sometimes my feet get so cold I begin to understand what it must be like to be a reptile -- i.e., a creature that actually CANNOT heat itself up without external aids. Maybe I am partially cold-blooded? Sort of like a mermaid, but a land-model only, and with no scales?

Well. Anyway. It's all due to end. Tomorrow ... I leave for warmer climes, i.e., sunny BOSTON. And then Pennsylvania. *sigh* I'll be able to sing mournful songs about missing the green, green (c)hills of VT!


arvindh said...

Hilarious cartoon!

Marginalien said...

Hi Arvindh! Thanx. There will be more ... I apologize about the peculiar corruption of the JPG -- dunno whatwhyhow -- but I'm not going to try fixing it now, as I'm not at my home computer and won't be for a little while yet.