Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 -- Hello!

Well -- top o' the ladder to everyone!

It's just past nine in the morning of the new year. We had a peaceful and friendly last day. Went upstairs for lunch, which was (as always) beautifully presented, delicious and accompanied by interesting conversation. At night the nearby residents' association club had an ear-splittingly raucous party that lasted at least till 2 o'clock this new year. The music was so loud it was shaking the foundations of this house, which is practically one block away. I can't IMAGINE what it must have been like to actually be at the party! I guess some people enjoy being deaf.

I began 2006 with a choco-bar! And I was online, writing a message to a friend right till the final minutes of '05. So I suppose that's an augury of sorts -- perhaps the twelvemonth ahead will be cold, sweet and filled with chocolate covered e-mails?

Whatever. I've add a couple of pix from the old year, taken in Vermont. If Stone's Throw Farm looks as good here as it does in real life, please credit that to my little Nikon 2100 -- hardly the most advanced of today's digital cameras, but it does what I need of it and with very little sweat or effort on my part.

One of my resolutions for the year is to Take More Photographs. Not because I'm good at it, but because I always regret NOT having 'em when I look back and see ... no pictures. My idea is to take pictures of whatever's around me, the street, the traffic, the people -- of course, like many amateur photographers, one of the things I am most squeamish about is taking pictures of other people (like on a street) -- I always worry that they'll object and then I'll have to -- whatever -- swallow the camera, blush and move on, whatever. It certainly helps that with a digital camera, I can compose the picture on the view-screen at the back, and don't necessarily have to hold it up to my face.

So ... may there be more pix, pixars, pixels in the year ahead!


Amrobilia said...

You haven't wished me a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


See comments on your previous post!




Marginalien said...

-- ouch! But I wished everyone "Top o' the ladder" at the beginning of this post!!

I guess it wasn't enuff, huh ...

Well Amro -- have a glorium, deliriumtious, gorjoyous and always adventuranium 2006!!

Amrobilia said...

After I'd posted my comment I realised you had wished us all! Sorry for the botchosium! Here's to lots of wind-breaking in '06! Had a superba trip with the nabob on new year's daylirium...

Minal said...

Lovely snaps Manjula. I hope you have a lovely new year as well:-)
Wishing you and your family a wonderful fun-filled new year

Sharanya said...

Happy New Year!

Such a pleasure to stumble upon the discover that you, too, blog! :) And such an unpretentious, friendly blog at that!

All the very best to you and your loved ones in the coming year.

Sharanya said...


Marginalien said...

Hi all, and thanks for your comments! There'll be more in a bit.