Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Yes, I will fry in one of the nastier regions of Hell for using up precious last moments before departure NEXT WEEK *YOW* to post links to sites about kitties but ... I guess my place in Hell has been reserved for so long I might as well use up all my badness privileges to the hilt. Okay, so here are four funny sites in reference to Our Favourite Animal -- taken from an article published in the New York Times entitled How the Oh-So-Domestic Feline Became the Internet's Best Friend, by Sarah Boxer (rather an ironic name, don't you s'pose, for someone reporting on cats?). A good piece, but the best bits are the linx (or do I mean LYNX?)(sorry)(ghastly pun). There's RatherGood which shows cats catterwauling;MyCatHatesYou that features a gallery of fearsome beasties; InfiniteCat wherein you can see what happens when cats get to watch cats watching cats watching cats ... and finally, best of all (in my opinion) is LitterBoxCam in which ... oh, just go there yourself! Why should I be the only one wasting my time staring at a static picture of two kitty-litter boxes??


Anonymous said...

do check this cat too.

with the speakers on.



Anonymous said...

saw the lynxes - dont want to be dogmatic but it was a "cat as trophy"!gt from mumbai

Amrobilia said...

Raja? Who's the Raja? To take care of moi, I mean...

Marginalien said...

Amro! Get a grip! There is only one Raja in our collective lives, and he rules over vast stretches of rural Maharani Bagh (neat, eh, wot? The Raja of Maharani Bagh? Grand Panjandrum of the Pithy Fee Ha)!

Hope you are appeased.

Rajneesh, alas I could not force my computer to load the site. Shall keep it in reserve till I'm in fast-server land.

gt -- ohhh, you dog-lover, you! But nemmind. I love dooogs too. Even if there is no such thing as a dogostrophy.

Amrobilia said...

M'yes! I got the Raja bit just as I left the cybercafe I use nowadays...I will be having darshan with it on 27th eve with Pittunius and I WILL gorge!